TN31: Rashmi A. Zimburg, expat partner in Tokyo, Japan.

Rashmi Aggarwala Zimburg grew up in India and studied in the US.Today she lives in Japan with her husband and two daughters. P

reviously they also lived in Algeria, Indonesia and Austria. Before going into this global nomadic journey, Rashmi graduated from an MBA, built a career in business management and worked for 15 years in different industries such as Finance, Transportation, and Mobile communications. In addition, she completed Cross Cultural & Management training programs for senior executives. She also extensively studied one for her passions: food and Ayurveda! She even tought Indian Cooking Classes at The New School Culinary Institute, in New York.

Since she joined her husband in his different postings, and while managing the responsibilities of a diplomatic spouse, Rashmi continued to invest in her personal and professional growth. She continued practicing Ayurveda cooking but she also became a coach. Today, she helps her clients transform their lives and reach their goals.

 Glimpse on Rashmi’s insights in this episode:

  • How she learned to reinvent herself in every country she move to.
  • How she connected to groups that helped her going through the hard times.
  • How important it is to not forget ourselves and our needs while taking care of our families.

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