TN300: Inside Out – The new brand reveal

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Episode 300 is here! This has been an incredible journey of growth and transformation for me, my audience and my clients.

As you already know, the podcast will have a new name starting from episode #301. Stay tuned!

It was not an easy decision to make. However, as you will hear in this episode, although the “exterior” facade of Tandem Nomads will radically change, the true mission stays the same. I am simply aiming to better reflect the impact YOU and I are trying to make through our businesses.

It is time that the outside reflects what has been happening inside

To share with you the internal shifts that led to this important decision, AND REVEAL THE NEW NAME, Sundae Bean and I are switching seats for this special 300th episode of the podcast.


Sundae Bean is an intercultural strategist, a transformation facilitator and a solution-oriented coach. She is also the host of the podcast “In Transit.” Sundae’s true power lies in helping people successfully transition through the major chapters of their lives and careers. She has been a part of my journey since the early days of Tandem Nomads and we have worked together closely together to support our clients over the years. She has also became a precious friend.

I could not dream of a better person to help me reflect on this journey and reveal to you the new name of the podcast … I am so excited about this!

What you will learn:

  • What the new name of the podcast and my business is
  • What shifts happened within me that led to this decision
  • What you can expect to see in the future

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