TN298: From digital nomads to boundless families – With Mauro Repacci

At the time this episode aired, Tandem Nomads is soon turning eight! Oh boy… the world has certainly changed since the first episode aired. For that reason, Tandem Nomads podcast will soon undergo major changes. Stay tuned! 

But before I share more about that, this episode represents one of the many significant shifts that have occurred in the past few years.  

Although the community of Tandem Nomads doesn’t necessarily identify as digital nomads, paying attention to how digital nomads have evolved can teach us a lot about aligning our lifestyle with our business, even if we don’t necessarily want to travel all the time. 

In fact, the digital nomads of a decade ago are now older and have families of their own, but they still don’t want to sacrifice their freedom and lifestyle flexibility. 

But is it even possible to live and work from anywhere (not just from home) and move every couple of months with children? What about the kids’ education? 

Mauro Repacci found an innovative solution to allow families to live on the move like digital nomads, work from anywhere, while providing all the stability they need in terms of work, community, and education for their kids.

Another important topic we cover in this episode is how to avoid burnout as entrepreneurs. While the reason for starting a portable business might be to have more flexibility and time for ourselves, it can easily lead to the opposite result, as making a business truly successful and profitable can lead to overwhelm. 

Running a business should be like running a marathon, not a sprint. 

Mauro Repacci is a seasoned entrepreneur with a proven track record in the travel, relocation, and fintech industries. He began his career at Air Canada, where he played a key role in several major projects, including the acquisition of the 787 and the launch of a low-cost airline. Following the completion of his MBA at Queen’s University, he went on to found the largest online relocation marketplace in Canada, which was later acquired by an immigration firm. More recently, he founded and scaled VC-backed fintech company NestReady to 40 employees and 20 enterprise clients before it was acquired by Alpine Investors. With three daughters, Mauro developed the idea for Boundless while seeking solutions for his family. 

What you will learn:

  • What innovative solutions Boundless offers to enable families to live on the move while maintaining the stability they need. 
  • How to find a balance between working hard to make a business successful and living an intentional life without feeling overwhelmed. 
  • How to manage risks and failures when running a business.

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