TN294: Why and how to get featured on podcast shows – with Lou Hamilton

Being featured on a podcast is a great way to gain visibility and share your story and expertise. When done well, it’s also an opportunity for listeners who identify with your story, to want to take up your services. But with limited guest spots it can be a challenge to get featured.

So how do you get become a podcast guest?

You listen to Lou Hamilton! This week she talks about the best way to approach podcast hosts – and it’s not as simple as writing an email. Lou shares her professional tips about what research to do, who to approach and why, plus how to avoid some common mistakes. She also reveals how to be ‘that’ guest who podcasters love to chat to and the ways in which you can have the greatest impact for you, the host and the listeners.

Being on a podcast is a privilege – the audience is spending their precious time listening and what you say should be for them.

If you’ve ever wanted to be on a podcast, but don’t know where to start, Lou has all the answers you need.

Lou Hamilton is the podcast host and founder of Brave New Girl Media –a Podcast Guest Agency designed to help more people get invited as guests on podcasts to share their story, mission and message globally.

When she turned 50 and empty-nesting, she started drawing and painting again & out popped this character part-girl, part-ninja who became known as Brave New Girl. BNG turned into a book How to be Fearless, then another book FEAR LESS, and now Lou interviews real life Brave New Girls for her podcast Brave New Girl.

Her own story has been a winding road, overcoming trauma, grief and PTSD to understanding her passion and purpose, (her art and her agency). Now her latest book Dare to Share, helps people to understand the power of their own stories, and using them as ethical entrepreneurs to grow their brand and positively impact the health and well-being of the planet.

What you will learn:

  • Why podcasting is a great marketing tool to gain visibility
  • How to find the right podcast shows and avoid common mistakes
  • How to pitch podcast shows effectively and land an interview

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