TN293: What do women need today to live up to their full potential?

Women’s empowerment has been at the core of Tandem Nomads’ mission since it started.

Entrepreneurship is indeed one of the most effective tools for women to live up to their full potential and create their own source of financial independence while aligning their business with their priorities in life.

The countless women who came before us fought for the privileges we enjoy today, which is why it is our responsibility to live up to our full potential and continue to pave the way for the ones coming after us.

In this episode, we look at where we are today regarding women’s rights and opportunities in our society and in our world.

What can we celebrate and where do we need to see more progress?

We also reflect on what women need today to live up to their full potential.

In order to answer these questions, I invited some of the most active members of the Tandem Nomads’ community to share their take and insights on this topic:


Cath Brew is an LGBTQ+ inclusion consultant who supports LGBTQ+ allies looking to step into confident active allyship. Cath is also an artist and uses her illustration and fun storytelling talents to educate people around misconceptions related to the LGBTQ+ topics.

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Sundae Bean is an intercultural strategist, a transformation facilitator, and a solution-oriented coach. She supports individuals and organizations as they traverse through life’s quakes and other major shifts — no matter where they are.

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Emily Rogers is the founder of The Leap to Lead and a transition coach for individuals and organizations ready to show up the way they have always desired. She is particularly passionate about helping moms finally put themselves first and design an action plan to create the career and life they want.

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Camilla Quintana is the founder of The Empowered Expat Woman. She works with global women who want to make more of their lives abroad, helping them to deeply connect with themselves and their vision, so they can close the gap between where they are and want to be and proudly embrace who they have become!

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Katia Vlachos is a certified coach on a mission to support brilliant,
ambitious, globally-minded women to pursue their aspirations while navigate career and relationship transitions. She helps them get unstuck, reclaim their power and make conscious choices to build fulfilling lives.

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Get ready, because these messages are not for the faint of heart. You might not even agree with some of these statements, but I am grateful to these courageous women who are willing to say things that are not always easy to admit. In fact, the moment we finally challenge some of our common believes is the moment we start having real conversations that will allow more opportunities for women in our society to grow.

What you will learn:

  • Where have we seen progress for women in our society and where do we need more
  • What can women do to be better allies and advocates of marginalized communities
  • What are the beliefs that are stopping women from living up to their full potential

Resources and inspiration:

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