TN292: How to overcome burnout by tapping into the safety of your body – with Johdi Woodford

When you work at what you love, it’s easy for burnout to creep up on you. It’s a bit like the ghost at Halloween. You know it’s there, but it’s not until you stare it in the face that it scares you.

Entrepreneurs know how to look after themselves, but all too often they ignore the signs that tell them to rest, pull back, or delegate. Burnout then becomes very real and forces them to stop.

So how do you prevent burnout from happening?

This week, Restorative Movement Specialist, Johdi Woodford shares her unique multidisciplinary approach for preventing burnout. She challenges traditional methods of ‘help’, talks about why our bodies start to become compromised and offers great tips for how to spot your own ‘red flags’ of not coping.

Preventing burnout is an intrinsic state of knowing what’s the right thing to do. But most entrepreneurs bypass that because they are too busy and don’t take the time to listen to their body and their intuition.

Johdi Woodford is a Restorative Movement Specialist who helps people over 40 to finally uncover the root cause of their pain and treat it so that it doesn’t come back again. Johdi’s clients enjoy lasting, unparalleled results because she takes a revolutionary and rebellious route to the otherwise very boring, very ineffective methods that you’ll find elsewhere in the Health & Fitness World. Her multidisciplinary approach is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before, because no-one combines precise anatomical and physiological corrective exercise know-how, with a witch-like ability to heal that her clients describe as ‘magic’.

What you will learn:

  • How to identify your ‘red flags’ and prevent stress levels from increasing
  • Why traditional talking therapies don’t work for everyone
  • How to create a neutral state from which you can heal

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