TN288: Nurturing your creativity in business for continuous growth – with Kristina Snyder

People tend to believe that they are either creative or they are not. In reality, we all use creativity every day. It’s a major part of every business solution and forms the basis of many a successful business.

This week, Kristina Snyder opens up the concept of creativity to talk about the importance of nurturing your creativity in business for continuous growth.

Creativity is all around us. It’s an impulse but it’s also like a muscle that can be nurtured.

Kristina shares why it should be a priority in your business and reveals how creativity impacts mental wellbeing, communication and client satisfaction. She also gives tips about how to use creativity to boost energy, get unstuck and find inspiration for your business decisions.

Kristina Snyder is the founder and CEO of SNYDER, one of the best known and most well-respected artist representation agencies in the world with offices in the US and the UK. Kristina has used her experience and insight in the field to build a reputation for developing excellence in the illustrators, animators and visual artists that the agency represents. Many of the SNYDER artists are award winners and have been featured as speakers at industry events and festivals. Kristina has won multiple awards for Creative Direction for promotional pieces from Communication Arts.

What you will learn:

  • How to use creativity to get unstuck, gain energy and find inspiration
  • Why nurturing creativity as a priority will help your business in the long term
  • Why every entrepreneur is creative even if they don’t know it

Resources and inspiration:

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