TN287: 7 years in business! Part 2: The people who contributed to this journey

Tandem Nomads turned 7 on November 2022 and whilst I am the face of Tandem Nomads, no journey happens without people along the way.

In challenging times, we notice the support that’s given to us because we need it more than we might sometimes acknowledge. Yet the wins and the celebrations are just as important, as is the everyday consistency of showing up and enabling me to do what I love. It just wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Tandem Nomads would not be where it is without all the people who have been involved in this incredible journey.

In this episode I share my gratitude to all the individuals who have been involved in this journey. It’s been quite a ride from inception till now! It’s a real pleasure to share with you all the people who have helped make these 7 years the transformation and success it has been. Be sure to listen in. You might also learn some more about Tandem Nomads through their contribution!

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