TN286: The choices we have when we think we don’t have a choice – with Cristina Pop

In our most stressful moments, it’s easy to assume that we have no choices and maybe we just have to plough on until life gets easier. What if you shifted your perspective? What if you considered that in any circumstance you always have a choice, the power to choose your thoughts and feelings?

In this episode, Cristina invites you to reflect on your thoughts and emotions and how they influence your business results. She explains why your capacity to take action is directly connected to the thoughts you choose to entertain.

She also shares her experience parenting, and how as new parents she believes you can create a mutually beneficial mindset with your partner(s).

At any point and in any circumstance, we always have the choice of our thoughts and emotions

Within the context of her personal and professional experiences, Cristina also offers great insights into how you can thrive in your business without sacrificing the other important things in your life. Her holistic approach will help you to find the balance of mind, body and soul.

Cristina Pop has been a coach for 10 years whilst living in 7 countries. She has built two coaching businesses in two different countries, one of them while raising her two young children. She believes that women can thrive in their businesses without sacrificing their health, their time and the connection with the people they love. She is on a mission to help her clients learn how to do that for themselves.

What you will learn:

  • How to keep your business a priority when you want to focus on being a new parent
  • Why sharing the roles of breadwinner and caregiver benefits each partner
  • The differences between intuition, thoughts and emotions and how to use them to your advantage

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