TN282: Diving into the startup and VC world with purpose driven capital – with Dr. Julien Pham

Have you ever considered pitching for an organisation to invest in your startup business? What about becoming an investor yourself as a way of making a portable revenue? Business investing may feel like unfamiliar territory, but it can be a golden key.

By understanding the true potential of investing and the eco-system in which it sits, every entrepreneur has the power to expand their future opportunities and impact.

This week, Dr. Julien Pham, founder of Third Culture Capital, a venture capital firm shares his expertise. Julien introduces you to what it means to have VC (venture capital) invested in your business and how to be an investor yourself (angel investor).

Being multidimensional and leveraging your skill set allows you to scale yourself and your business.

He talks about the long-term value of leveraging your unique skill set to attract investors, the importance of understanding your business environment (eco-system), and why investing can be the key to scaling up your business.

Julien is an inspiring example of an entrepreneur who has capitalised on their multidimensional life experiences to create a successful business. Don’t miss this episode!

Dr. Julien Pham is the founder and managing partner of Third Culture Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in “uniquely qualified” founders, through global agency and smart capital. He has over 20 years of leadership experience in clinical settings and in emerging medical innovation companies. As an investor, Dr. Julien Pham is often sought out for his unique expertise in evaluating both biotech and digital health companies.

What you will learn:

  • Why being multidimensional is good for business and what it means
  • What you need to know about investing in startups as an angel investor
  • How the eco system of venture capital firms and startups works

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