TN274: Brain Gym and movement to unlock your mindset and obstacles – with Florence Chabert d’Hieres

As entrepreneurs we all have times of feeling stuck. There’s a challenge before you and you’re just not sure how to move through it to a solution. In those moments it’s easy for frustration to set in, but have you ever considered using Brain Gym?

Brain Gym is an effective technique which helps you shift your mindset from obstacles and a brain fog to release, clarity and solutions. This week Florence Chabert d’Hieres, a licensed Brain Gym Practitioner, introduces the benefits of the tool and explains how it helps to balance the human body and mind for optimum performance. She also reveals the positive impact it’s had in her personal and professional life and that of her clients.

It’s a technique that can be used anywhere and which improves your communication and organization skills. If you want to learn more about it, what’s not to love about listening to this episode?

When you are faced with an obstacle, movement is what will help you unlock the solution.

Florence Chabert d’Hieres is an Adult TCK raising three TCKs. Her very unique story as an international adoptee led her to become an intercultural trainer and international parenting expert.

She has also lived the reality of expatriations as a young adult in the USA, Switzerland, Australia, and then as Chief Family Officer in the Middle East and Europe. With her background and experience, she wanted children/parents to feel a sense of pride and cohesion in their multiple identities but also to succeed in their expat adventure. Ten years ago, she created Coach4expat helping expats to adjust to their new life in a host country thanks to Brain Gym.

Florence is also the author of ‘I’m a citizen of the world’, her first book for parents and children to guide them in their expat journey and creating their own family culture.

What you will learn:

  • How you can use movement to bring solutions to a business challenge
  • Practical ways in which to shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset
  • Why getting clear about values is so important when starting your business

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