TN270: Creating connections & leveraging your business with podcasting – with Kat Brendel

You’re looking to grow your business audience and you want to try something new. Have you considered starting a podcast? Perhaps you already have one and want to use it to leverage your business?

With so many podcasts out there these days, it can feel a little daunting. Who is going to listen to you? Do you really have anything to say? This week Kat Brendel explains how new podcasters and existing ones can break through the noise to get noticed. She shares the benefits of developing a testing mindset and why it will help you to connect more closely with your audiences. Kat also offers a range of tips about driving your business forward with podcasting; the quantity of content versus its promotion, making calls for action, and ways in which to create more clients.

 Tune down your content creation and tune up your content promotion.

Kat’s enthusiasm for podcasting together with her expertise and wisdom makes this episode a must-listen for any entrepreneurs who podcast already or who want to!

Kat Brendel’s (she/her) love of stories led her to study journalism and build a career in media. Through getting a boatload of marketing experience in South America, the US, and Europe, she learned not just how to tell good stories, but how they can drive businesses forward. In 2017, she launched her first podcast and was immediately hooked. Since then, she’s not only become a serial podcaster, but has also helped dozens launch and grow theirs. As a podcasting strategist, her goal is for business owners to create podcasts that grow their visibility, business, and impact.

What you will learn:

  • Why the power of voice matters in business podcasts
  • Ways in which podcasts increase your business visibility
  • The value of making one call to action

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