TN27: Asetila Köstinger, expat partner in Ankara, Turkey.

Asetila Köstinger comes originally from Albania and lives today in Ankara (Turkey). She was previously also living in Austria and Moldova with her husband and son.

She holds a master in International Business and is completing a Doctorate of Philosophy in Management. Asetila is an EU project manager, trainer and an expert in international development. Astelia also manages her Austrian consulting and training company, Köstinger Consulting, that focuses in export management competitiveness, international marketing and intercultural management. While relocating with her family she took on various trainings and even worked for free to learn more about international development. Thanks to this experience she could add an extra added value to her portfolio and to her clients in international development..

Glimpse on Asetila’s insights in this episode:

  • How to tailor make a career in relocation.
  • How to get new skills in a new country and a new industry.
  • What are the advantages of being an expat partner.

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