TN268: 3 mistakes that ruin your profit and prevent you from paying yourself – with Anna Maria Moore

As an entrepreneur growing your company and paying yourself a salary may feel like the greatest challenge there is.  Yet with the right mindset and planning, all entrepreneurs can achieve a high turnover and high profit.

So how do you make it happen? This week Anna Maria Moore takes you through some of the common financial mistakes entrepreneurs make. She highlights the importance of pricing services and products at the very beginning of your business in order to create your own salary. Anna also shares details of how to plan for the salary, account for realistic business costs and why this is critical for targeting the right kinds of clients.

This is an important episode for entrepreneurs who want to understand how to make their businesses financially stable, predictable and profitable.

“Your business must allow you to thrive and not just survive”

Anna is a very passionate and successful businesswoman and international best-selling author who has dedicated over 10 years to building her own companies. She is the CEO of three companies including Softway LTD and Foundation with Initiative.

A financial strategist and mentor with a background in economics and psychology, she draws from a wealth of experience to guide other businesswomen from making a decent turnover and low profit to a high turnover and HIGH PROFIT. Her philosophy is that your business must allow you to thrive, not just survive.

What you will learn:

  • Why do solo entrepreneurs often struggle to make real profit
  • What 3 mistakes to avoid to grow a sustainable business
  • The most important thing to do to make sure your business is profitable

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