TN264: Turning a handcraft hobby into revenue and impact – With Miche Scott

Creative people are commonly known for thinking that they can’t make money from their creativity, but is this belief true? Is it possible to transform a craft into a passion and then into a business?

Miche Scott knows it is! Not only is it possible but it’s also completely transformative personally. In this episode Miche reveals how she changed her self-limiting beliefs into ones of abundance to create a business that sells high-quality handmade soaps. She shares the importance of unlearning what she thought she knew, embracing self-kindness and why understanding the soul of your business enables you to create truly quality products for your customers. Her insights about seeing money as just a tool will inspire artistic listeners to transform their passions into successful businesses.

Have a sexy intimate affair with your business because you want to make sure you enjoy spending time with it.

Rooted in the Philippines, Miche Scott’s handcrafted soaps reflect the stories, aesthetics, and influences curated while she was an expat in the Middle East, India, and now in the US. She launched Miche Scott Handmade in 2021 as a small purpose-driven business starting solely retailing online. At present, you may find her handmade soap retailing in 16 different stores across 6 states and 4 specialty curated subscription boxes. In her spare time, you will find her tending to her roses accompanied by her beloved dog, Bagel.

What you will learn:

  • Why kindness to yourself matters so much in entrepreneurship
  • How to shift your thinking to see money as just a tool
  • The power of storytelling when selling products

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