TN262: Entrepreneurship beyond business – doing more than one thing – With Amanda Bates

Entrepreneurship is certainly the ride of a lifetime. It demands a lot from a person. How do you ride the wave of running your own business with outside influences ever present, large workloads, limited hours and a desire to stay on purpose?

And what if you are interested in more than one thing and are competent in various different areas?!

You listen to Amanda Bates! In this episode Amanda talks candidly about being an entrepreneur and delivering her purpose through multiple avenues. She offers a wide variety of tips about the importance of your mission and purpose, why working to your strengths increases productivity, and critically, why it’s not only okay to fail, but vital for the evolution of you and your business. Her insights into the diverse layers of entrepreneurship are not to be missed.

“If you can’t delegate, you need to break up your day to make sure that the things that make your business run are absolutely done.”

As a third culture kid Amanda’s interest in navigating cross-cultural spaces and identity started young. Her American born, African-raised perspective continues to influence her as she leads the creative direction of The Black Expat, a multimedia platform dedicated to changing the narrative on Black international mobility. She also hosts the Global Chatter podcast which takes a humorous deep dive into these conversations from underrepresented perspectives. When Amanda’s not talking the mobile life, she is a student affairs professional at North Carolina State University and a career counselor, with her brand, Bates At Work.

What you will learn:

  • The importance of knowing your strengths when choosing your mission and purpose
  • Why the structure of your week improves your productivity
  • How to embrace failure and when to pivot in your business

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