TN26: What is the expat lifestyle about? Alison Cavatore – Arizona

For some reason, I never considered the fact that I was an expat all my life until I started Tandem Nomads. The term “expat” and “expatriation” was never so much in my vocabulary.

I have been wondering what does it really mean to be an expat, what is this lifestyle about, can we call it a culture? Is it an identity? Why do expats have sometimes a tendency to stick more often together than with the locals, although their expat friends may often themselves come from other countries than their own?

In order to discuss this topic, I invited Alison Cavatore.

Alison couldn’t be a better guest to discuss the topic of expatriation and global living as she was raised in various countries such as the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Canada and is the founder and CEO of the Global Living Magazine.

Find Alison Cavatore:

Website: Global Living Magazine


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