TN254: How to deal with rejection and failures to grow in business and in confidence – With Annette Van Der Feltz

None of us like to feel like we’ve failed. When something goes wrong in your business, it can be very hard to separate that from you as a person. We feel it deeply.

With so much of the conversation around business focusing on how to be successful, this week we’re taking an alternative look at success – what do you do when your best plans go wrong?

In this episode, Annette Van Der Feltz reveals the benefits of disappointment and how it is possible to shift your thinking to embrace them. She shares the real value of rejection and fear, offers insightful tips to get through any disappointment and explains the advantages that it can bring to your business and to you personally.

The things that went wrong and the failures don’t define me. I can choose how I let external events influence me and my confidence.

By the end of the episode, Annette will have you looking forward to your next rejection and disappointment!

Annette Van Der Feltz is the founder of Dutch American Connection, and an intercultural coach and facilitator helping Dutch companies and expatriates be successful in the US. She supports Dutch entrepreneurs expanding in the US to understand and leverage the differences between the American and Dutch ways of doing business. Annette lives in the United States and she travels regularly to The Netherlands where she is originally from.


What you will learn:

  • The value of rejection and ‘failure’ when building your business
  • How to allow yourself to learn from your disappointments
  • Why it is important to record when your best plans go wrong

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