TN250: Quiet your inner saboteurs and activate your true potential! – With Yvonne Hendrych

We all experience a range of complex emotions which we navigate every day. As entrepreneurs our true potential can become blocked by fear, stress, and self-doubt; all very real struggles when growing a business. There are, however, powerful, yet simple solutions to help you thrive and not just survive.

In this episode, Yvonne Hendrych shares the practice of Positive Intelligence – how to create awareness around difficult emotions and harness your inner saboteur patterns and self-limiting beliefs to live the life you want. Yvonne talks about her own experiences of burnout in a previous career and recently during Covid of not coping with separation from loved ones. Listen in to learn how you too can discover your self-sabotaging behaviors and then apply simple techniques to transform you into your best self.

You always have this huge positive potential within you. You only have to understand when you’re blocking yourself from it.

Yvonne Hendrych is a Positive Intelligence Coach and a Life Designing Expert. Her passion is to support people to create and live the best version of their lives. After a 10-year career as a lobbyist in Brussels that has ended with an emotional and physical burnout, Yvonne quit her job and moved to Brazil. She hopped on a self-healing and self-exploration journey which led her to start her coaching business. Yvonne strives to support other women on their journey of re-aligning their values and dreams with their professional and personal life goals.

What you will learn:

  • How to harness your negative emotions to get the best for yourself
  • The difference between your ‘survival brain’ and your ‘thriving brain’
  • Techniques to help you move through your emotional triggers

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