TN25: “Be forgiving and be kind to yourself.” Leah Evans – Asunción

Leah has been living abroad for the last eleven years. She lived in Tbilisi, Quito, Kyiv, and now she lives in Asuncion, Paraguay with her husband and 4 kids. Leah has a Masters degree in Liberal Studies and a Masters in Elementary Education. While relocating from a country to another, she created the company After School Plans that provides resources, classes, and tutoring to expat children. Those resources include for example a Relocation Workbook (a fun workbook to help children process a transition) and many other educational packages. The plans are grade-level ideas for supporting education at home. Leah is also the editor of “Raising kids in the Foreign Service“.

Glimpse on Leah’s insights in this episode:

  • How to involve the kids in the move and the transition.
  • How to deal with difficult culture shock.
  • What was her perspective of the political crisis in Ukraine in 2014 and how she experienced her evacuation with her family.

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