TN248: Making yourself a priority with a portable purpose – With Camilla Quintana

Juggling your biggest goals and ambitions with your family life and parenting, while feeling aligned with who you are can be a challenge. Add in also being a successful entrepreneur and it might feel like there’s little time left for you.

As Camilla Quintana shares this week, the answers lie in ambition. She talks about it as a healthy and powerful path of growth and why it is important to look at our mindsets and reframe the narrative to reach our goals. Camilla also offers practical tips about why your own internal purpose is critical to your success and happiness.

You can absolutely love your children more than your own life and make your own dreams and aspirations. – Camilla Quintana

Camilla Quintana is an Expat Empowerment Coach and Podcast Host. She helps global women embrace their distinctiveness and step into next level confidence, so they can leave their special mark in their workplace, home and community.

Originally from Vienna /Austria, she currently resides in Bilbao/Spain with her husband and 3 sons. When she’s not nurturing her family or clients, you can find her making up exotic recipes to the sounds of Gloria Estefan or contemplating life with loved ones – glass of red wine in hand.

What you will learn:

  • How to embrace ambition as a healthy and powerful path of growth
  • Why internal goals are a ‘must’ and how they impact your motivation
  • Ways to juggle business, family and self-care to achieve your dreams

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