TN246: Staying “busy” the smart way: when you can’t yet start your business – With Alexandra Paucescu

Do you feel that you can’t work or run a business now because you’re on the move or need to focus on other personal needs, such as raising young kids? It’s time to think again!

In this episode Alexandra Paucescu invites you to imagine differently. You will learn why starting with small actions and projects can lead you to something bigger down the road and how it helps keep your resume relevant for your future business or job.

“If you do something with pleasure you can move mountains”
– Alexandra Paucescu

In sharing her story and success, Alexandra will inspire you to truly believe in yourself and explain how important self-belief is to achieving your goals.

Alexandra Paucescu is a Management graduate with a Masters in Business. She studied cultural diplomacy and International Relations, has published a memoir book and a children’s book, contributes to several magazines and gives intercultural communication lectures. Alexandra has also volunteered for United Nations Women’s Guild (UNWG) and UNICEF and is currently a member of the International Women’s Association (IWA) in Bucharest. She lived in USA as an exchanged student and in Austria and Germany as a diplomatic spouse. She currently works as Executive Business Manager for a construction company in Bucharest.

What you will learn:

  • Why little steps create big achievements
  • How to create meaningful and professional continuity whilst on the move
  • What building a supportive network really means and ways in which to reach out

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