TN245: The leap of faith that led to global impact – With Mirela Sula

Do you ever look at a successful entrepreneur and wonder what is that thing that propelled them to where they are now?

In this episode you will hear a truly inspiring story that will make you see how a simple mindset shift can help you move forward too.

This is the story of a successful career woman in Albania who left everything behind, taking her son with her and moving to the UK to start all over from scratch and achieve her big dream: creating an international platform to empower global women.

I had a big vision but no evidence to support it besides my own determination and faith.

Today Mirela Sula is the founder of Global Woman and the owner of a hugely successful global online business with a tribe of over 100,000 female entrepreneurs who believe in their potential. She is the owner of five magazines, author of 15 books, leader of 27 clubs around the world and the organizer of more than 500 events. She also speaks at major international events.

What you will learn:

  • Why Mirela decided to leave her comfortable life and successful career in Albania to start all over from scratch in the UK
  • What major shifts allowed her to turn her big dream into reality
  • What her key tips are to achieve your goals and make real impact

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