TN24: How to write the resume that will get you to your dream job. Anna Sparks – Quito

It is not easy for expat partners to find jobs and build a career while regularly moving from a country to another. It doesn’t make it any easier when expat partners’ resumes are not presented in an appealing and relevant way to employers!

Get ready from now on to craft a super powerful resume that will sell your skills and experiences in the most compelling way to get the job you want!

In this episode with Anna Sparks, you will find an impressive number of tips that you can implement right away to improve your resume and make sure that employers see that you are THE employee they need. You will also find many great insights on how to deal with specific issues related to being an expat partner:

  • How to explain that you haven’t worked for so long and how to fill the gaps in your resume timeline?
  • How to make your experience as a stay at home mom and trailing spouse an asset and not an excuse?!
  • How transparent and upfront can you be about the fact that you are a trailing spouse?
  • How to complete the skills that are missing in your resume?
  • If you are looking for a job before you move to a new country, how to make sure that employers don’t get discouraged when they see that your current contacts are not in that country?

Anna Sparks, who delivers to you in this episode all these extremely valuable tips, has been an expat partner herself, she comes from the US. She previously lived in Bulgaria, Malawi, Costa Rica and Nicaragua before coming back to the US. Every time she moved, she had to fight hard to get a job, but she managed to work in every country. This says a lot on how talented she was at selling herself on a resume. When her office in Quito closed, they asked her to help all the staff with their resume, cover letters, interview skills, and getting over the shock of being let go.

Here are some of the online resources mentioned by Anna in this episode:

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