TN232: The simple thing solo entrepreneurs can do to support gender diversity and non-binary people – with Cath Brew

You might have noticed on social media that more and more people are declaring their gender/sex on their bio, profiles or even email signatures.

Have you wondered what is the reasoning behind that or whether you should do it or not?

I was in that space too when my friend Cath Brew helped me make the decision to pro-actively bring up this topic and declare my pronoun on all my profiles.

Indeed, I truly believe that as solo entrepreneurs, we can make a real impact for marginalized people and should proactively look at how we show up to create a more inclusive world.

“Having the choice as entrepreneurs to acknowledge gender expansive people or not is by itself a privilege.”

In this episode, Cath will answer all the uncomfortable questions we do not dare to ask around the topic of non-binary and gender expansive people so that you can take action without worrying about doing or saying the wrong thing.

Cath Brew illustrates and educates about marginalized experiences for positive change – with a focus on identity, belonging and expat life. She hosts “Talk-Back Tuesday, a weekly Instagram and Facebook Live where she answers questions about LGBTQ+ issues.

What You Will Learn

  • What it means to be gender expansive or non-binary
  • Why it is important for solo-entrepreneurs to proactively acknowledge these people
  • The simple and small things solo-entrepreneurs can do to support marginalized non-binary people

Cath was previously interviewed on Tandem Nomads sharing her inspiring journey turning her art into a real business and getting out of her zone of comfort to make an impact. Find the link below.

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