TN23: “Don’t bury your needs, speak up for yourself.” Evelyn Simpson – Edinburgh

Evelyn is Scottish and was an expat for 26 years, living in the US (twice), Hong Kong, Zurich, Shanghai and Brussels.

Her early expat years were driven by her love for adventure and her career as an investment banker.  By the time she had her first daughter, she was ready to put banking aside and try something new. With all these multiple moves and a young family to take care of she struggled to find the right thing for her. So she volunteered, studied and even became a yoga teacher. But, as much as she enjoyed those things, none of them was really what she wanted to do. Eventually, Evelyn realized that she consistently enjoyed helping other expats in their transition to expat life. So she trained as a coach in 2010 and started her own coaching practice. In 2013 she joined forces with another coach, Louise Wiles, and set up the company Thriving Abroad.

Glimpse on Evelyn’s insights in this episode:

  • How she managed to build a healthy financial management within her couple.
  • What were the secrets of their mutual understanding and support.
  • Why it is so important to expresse our needs even if our family comes first.
  • How it is for her to be back “home” after 26 years of expatriation.

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Evelyn book recommendation:

A portable identity by  Debra R. Bryson

Third Culture Kids by Ruth E. Van Reken and David C. Pollock

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Facebook: Thriving Abroad

Twitter: Thriving Abroad

Facebook group: Expat Partner Online Coffee

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