TN228: Honing into your zone of genius and your story – With Jo Parfitt

Get inspired by the journey of entrepreneur Jo Parfitt, who has shifted her business in various ways to adapt it to the market and the changes in her own personal life. And how she now sees that it all boiled down to honing into her zone of genius in the various shapes, forms and versions of her business.

“You can’t do things just one way, you’ve got to spin things to grow your business.”

Jo Parfitt has been an expat, a writer and a teacher for more than 30 years, has written 32 books and mentored more than 300 new authors. She runs Summertime Publishing, specializing in books by and for people living overseas and runs writers circles and workshops. In 2020 she launched a writing program inspired by the to help people write and preserve their precious stories. Visit her website to pick up some freebies and a trial lesson while signing up for one of her online workshops or events. Her websites are and

What You Will Learn

  • How her business shifted and what she did to spin it through the pandemic
  • How she is learning to find balance between her business and life
  • How she built her team to grow her businesses and focus on where she really wants to make a difference
  • What aha moment helped her to gain the confidence and charge the right price

Resources And Inspiration:

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