TN222: Committing to your dreams when you don’t have the time – With Rhoda Bangerter

With today’s fast paced lifestyle, particularly if we are globally mobile, it can be so difficult to make the time to commit to our dreams and our goals.

This challenge is even greater for parents in general, so imagine how complex it would be if you were a solo parenting mom. If a solo-parenting mom can do it, so can you!

“I decided to be my own career manager and do it just like I would have if I was working for a company”

In this week’s episode you will hear the inspiring story of Rhoda Bangerter and her insightful tips on how to make the time, even if you do not have the time.

Rhoda Bangerter is the founder of A Multicultural Life, a certified coach for solo parenting moms in long distance marriages and the author of the book “Holding the Fort Abroad”.

She was raised in France, with a Welsh dad, a Syrian Armenian mum and is married to a Swiss man. Her husband has traveled abroad for work throughout almost their whole marriage. During this time, Rhoda has been solo-parenting and experimenting with various ways to hold the fort while creating a joint life in a long-distance relationship.

Along the way, she realized there were a huge number of moms around the world who experienced the same challenges but with no resources to guide them through this journey. This led her to run extensive research, share her learnings through her book, ‘Holding The Fort Abroad’, and develop her coaching services to support solo parenting moms in long distance relationships.

Rhoda speaks about the challenges of solo parenting and how to thrive in multicultural marriages. She has been featured in various platforms such as Families in Global Transition, Coffee with Expat Women, and Ute’s International Lounge.

What You Will Learn

  • What is the mindset shift that is necessary to be able to make the time
  • What is the SEEDS strategy that will allow you to take action
  • What to do when things get too overwhelming, and you might want to give up

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