TN218: How to get your financial $h!t together and take control of your money – With Julie Duszak

Is this you? You know that you need to get your financial $h!t together, but you are kind of closing your eyes or you keep postponing the time to sit down (with your partner) and make a plan!

Personal finance can feel scary and frustrating, especially when starting a business and not having consistent revenue. My guest this week, Julie Duszak of Fund Your Joy shares how you can take control of your money so you can chase your dreams.

“Personal finance doesn’t have to be frustrating. Quite the contrary– it can be freeing.”

In this week’s episode, Julie also shares her key tips for becoming a personal finance badass.

Julie Duszak is an accredited Financial coach and the founder of Fund Your Joy. She helps women increase their financial know-how, align their money and priorities and make sense of how they deal with money.

After spending over 15 years working in the private and public sector, she quit her career to move abroad and that was when her career as financial coach was born with her burning desire to help women feel confident, empowered and generally badass.

What You Will Learn

  • What it means to build a financial safety net, even when you are not the main breadwinner in the household
  • What key factors you need to consider to take control of your money.
  • What the big mistakes to avoid and how to get your financial $h!t together

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