TN217: Own your space

What has a cat to do with being a successful solo-entrepreneur working from home and particularly a business women? Here are the key mindset shifts to make yourself a priority, own your space and be taken seriously in your household, no matter how much revenue you make.

“Taking your business seriously starts with owning your space”

If a cat can claim its own territory in a new home, what is stopping us from creating space for our business at home? Even before the challenges of home schooling and the pandemic, many solo entrepreneurs struggled to create their own workspace and the time they need to focus on their own business. This week I am sharing what we can all learn from a cat and the steps you can take to make yourself and your business a priority in your home and with your family.

What You Will Learn

  • What the relationship is between cats and running a business from home
  • What key mindset shift needs to happen to make yourself a priority
  • How to be taken seriously and ask for the support you need

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