TN216: From big vision to reality – With Vivian Chiona

In 2013, psychologist Vivian Chiona had a very clear vision of providing psychology services ‘without borders’. Today Expat Nest is a global mental health platform, providing expats with support in six languages, working with 20 therapists.

 “I invest in professional advice and follow my intuition to make important business decisions.”

In this week’s episode, Vivian shares how she became one of the first psychologists to offer online services, turning her ambitious vision into a scalable portable business, even when she faced major challenges with her own health.

Vivian Chiona, founder and director of Expat Nest, is a psychologist specialized in both Child & Adolescent Psychology and Health Psychology. As a bi-cultural, multilingual expat with family all over the world, she is familiar with the blessings and challenges of a mobile life and offers quality professional assistance to clients with expat-specific challenges. Vivian has been recognized in the ‘100 Most Inspirational Women in the World for 2020’ as announced by the Women Appreciating Women organization.

What You Will Learn

  • What helped Vivian turn her ambitious vision into reality and become a pioneer in online therapy
  • How she managed to not give up on her goals while going through major health challenges
  • How she built a business that is portable and scalable beyond her own time

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