TN214: Portable business born from lockdown disrupts kids entertainment industry – With Natasha Rekhi

There are some businesses that you may think would be difficult to run virtually or to adapt to run as location independent enterprises. We associate them with needing a physical location or experience or we do not believe that customers will be willing to make the switch to an online alternative.

This week’s episode challenges those ideas! Natasha Rekhi of Theatre4Kids shares how the pandemic allowed to innovate and disrupt the theater and entertainment industry for kids. In this inspiring story, you will learn how she turned her in-person and local workshops into a successful global theater business.

I always wanted to have a career in my suitcase. Thanks to the pandemic I turned my dream into reality and turned my theater workshops for kids into a global online entertainment business.

Natasha Rekhi is a theatre educator and public speaker based in the Netherlands. She has taught children in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. An expatriate for most of her adult life, she uses drama as a medium to support children of globally mobile families achieve social integration in cross cultural environments, build self-confidence, overcome language barriers and achieve self-expression. Natasha currently offers virtual drama classes for children under her brand Theatre4Kids. She also develops and runs the after-school drama club at the International School of Amsterdam and hosts the ‘Happy Families’ radio show on the local English radio Broadcast Amsterdam.

What You Will Learn

  • How the pandemic allowed the birth of this new innovative business
  • How Natasha addressed customer hesitation around online entertainment solutions for children
  • What allowed her to gain rapid exposure and great PR globally

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