TN21: Slow down and savour, you might then see windows that you haven’t noticed before.” Jodi Harris – Yokohama

Jodi Harris is American, grew up in Texas Austin, since then she has been living in Madagascar, Washington DC and today she lives in Japan with her husband and three kids.

Jodi graduated from her Masters in Social Work and started her career as a clinical social worker, she provided counseling and psychotherapy to immigrants in the US. When her husband got his first job abroad, she was pretty sure that she would easily be able to convert her skills to the countries were they would be moving to. It turned out to not be that easy, but Jodi took the time to define her strengths and reflect on herself. By the end of her first year in Madagascar, she started her coaching business, called World Tree coaching, that she has been since taking with everywhere she went. Jodi is also the author of “The Expat Activity Book“.

Glimpse on Jodi’s insights in this episode:

  • How to build the right mindset to be resistant to challenges.
  • How she managed a tough evacuation as her son got very sick.
  • How she built a new identity and stability for herself.

Jodi’s habits in relocation:

  • Exercising
  • Meditating

Jodi’s online ressources:

Facetime, Facebook, Instagram.

Jodi’s book recommendations:

Find Jodi Harris:


Twitter: @WorldTreeCoach

Facebook: World Tree Coaching

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