TN208: The process vs the journey – disrupting the status quo – With Lindy Chapman

For so many of us who have a passionate belief in changing the status quo, knowing where to start and how to get started is the biggest challenge!

Sometimes, the most important part of turning your dream of making a difference into reality is just to start somewhere! While having a great process for building your business or driving change is important, you also have to start and trust that the journey will take you where you need to be.

My guest this week is passionate about changing the real estate and relocation industry. Lindy Chapman has an amazing story to share. Despite being told it couldn’t be done, she is proof that when you make a start and trust your dream, amazing things can happen!

“Podcasting is an amazing way to connect and build an authentic relationship with your audience.”

Following 20+ years as a relocation client supporting her husband’s career, Lindy Chapman entered the real estate & relocation industry where she serves as a champion for those who move by challenging outdated processes that too often fail the consumer. Through her podcast ReloTalk, she also seeks to bring relocation clients into the conversation in order to serve as part of the solution rather than a problem to be solved in the industry.

Quickly after launching her podcast, the digital brokerage startup, Doss, based in Houston named her CEO of Social Agents, where she is building a team of real estate resource “Matchmakers” to support home buyers and sellers whether moving across town or to a new country. She also serves on the Advisory Board for, a social app for relocated employees and their families.

Lindy is the mom of 4 young adults scattered from NYC to San Francisco and she and her husband are passionate about helping marriages that move through their work with “The Significant Marriage.

What You Will Learn

  • What problem Lindy wanted to solve in the relocation market
  • How she figured out where to start to do something about it
  • What unexpected outcomes she experienced as a result

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