TN200: Celebrating 200 episodes! Listener takeover– With Caroline Onuk

Tandem Nomads is celebrating its 200th episode! What a journey…

For this special episode, we are flipping the mic.

A Tandem Nomads listener, Caroline Onuk, reached out shortly before this landmark episode with this question: “May I interview you on your podcast about your journey and what has led you to where you are now?”

What a brilliant idea!

In this special 200th ‘behind the scenes’ episode, Caroline asks revealing questions about things I have rarely shared on the podcast and about the journey to this 200th episode.

You will also get to meet this precious and longtime listener of the show, hear her inspiring journey to building her own portable business and some very powerful things that happened after she listened to some of the Tandem Nomads episodes.

“Turning challenges into opportunities is all about making choices.”

Caroline Onuk is a Third Culture Adult, born in South Africa to German parents and was raised on three continents. While attending university in New York, she met her husband and together they started their global nomadic life moving to three different countries in the past 12 years. She currently lives in Istanbul. With several years’ experience leading HR teams in banking, consulting as well as education sectors, she needed to redefine herself due to their global transient life as well as wanting to find a balance between career & being a mother to two cross-cultural children. She is now an ICF accredited Executive coach supporting her global coaching clients by relying on her international corporate experience as well as her familiarity with living as an expatriate herself. She has several voluntary positions through various organizations including United World Coaches as well as Here We Are Global.

What You Will Learn

  • What have been the most impactful events that happened to Caroline after listening to the show
  • What has changed from the first episodes of Tandem Nomads compared to now
  • Some behind the scenes info about the show that you might not know

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