TN198: Most popular guest episode of 2020 – Take back control of your time! – With Kate Erickson

Somehow, I am not surprised that this episode has been the most popular guest episode of 2020!

In this episode, Kate Erickson share with you her key tips to beat overwhelm with time management from within!

Finding and managing our time so that we can achieve our goals is indeed one of the main challenges that most people struggle with.

Although this episode was recorded just before the pandemic hit, it is a topic that became even more relevant as solopreneurs had to juggle an extra set of challenges in 2020 to manage their time and energy.

“Start asking yourself what your relationship with time is.”

Kate Erickson is the backbone of Entrepreneurs on Fire (EOfire). She put in place all the systems behind EOfire’s award winning podcast show and multi-million business that has inspired thousands of podcasters and entrepreneurs across the world. She is also the co-author of The Podcast Journal: Idea to Launch in 50 Days and the host of the podcast show Ditch Busy where she helps entrepreneurs make overwhelm a thing of the past.

I can tell you that if Tandem Nomads exists today it is thanks to Kate and her life and business partner John Lee Dumas. Thanks to their platform called Entrepreneurs on Fire (EOFire), I have learned everything about podcasting and so much about running a successful online business.

It is such an honor to host Kate Erickson who has been a great inspiration for me in my own journey to improve my productivity, along with her John.

What You Will Learn

  • What question you need to ask yourself before trying to improve your productivity
  • How to set the right expectations and know what to say “No” to
  • How to get back on track when “life happens”

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