TN194: The dirty word that is holding you back – ***ition

Our own limiting beliefs can be the biggest barriers to our own growth and success. So often we think there are things we just cannot be or words we cannot use about ourselves.

Ambition is one of those words we often avoid. It has so many negative connotations but this week, we are going to change that, and help you embrace your ambitious side that you can unleash your potential to grow.

“You are worth it. Allow yourself to dream big!”

Ambition has been a dirty word for too long. I have shied away from using it about myself because of how I think others will see me. Being ambitious is so often associated with being pushy, sacrificing family and placing work above everything.

This week I am unpacking all the stigma around being ambitious and looking at how a new understanding of the concept could help entrepreneurs, particularly women, pursue their dreams and fulfill their potential.

What You Will Learn

  • What the limiting beliefs are that have led to the negative connotation around ambition
  • How self-care and mindfulness can be at the center of our ambitions
  • Why women need to embrace this word more than ever

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