TN193: Behind the scenes of our ‘tandem’ journey and what we’ve learned along the way – With Michael Friedl

The reason I chose the name Tandem Nomads is because I believe that the key to succeeding in this nomadic journey as a dual career couple is to continuously remember that this is a team deal, both partners need to be fully involved to make it work. We should never consider one career to be better than the other, regardless of the income involved.

I try to be open and transparent about my personal journey and how I do business. But there is one critical component that I have rarely talked about and that is the major role that my husband Michael plays in helping me in my career.

In fact, without his continuous support and involvement in Tandem Nomads’ growth, I do not think I would have been able to come so far.

“You should be interested in what your spouse or partner is doing – there should be input on both sides.”

In this episode, Michael will share his side of the story, and tell you about the challenges and learning we have experienced along the way.

Michael Friedl works at Advantage Austria and is the Austrian Trade Commissioner for the United States.

Michael was born in Vienna, has an MBA from the Vienna University of Economics and a Masters degree in International Public Policy from Johns Hopkins, SAIS in Washington DC. After various positions in the private sector (hospitality and finance), he started working for ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, Austria’s official trade and innovation promotion organization with more than 110 offices worldwide.

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA provides a broad range of intelligence and business development services for Austrian companies and their international business partners. Starting as Austrian Deputy Trade Commissioner in Johannesburg and Abu Dhabi, he later headed the offices in Washington DC and Tehran before being in charge of HR and personnel development in Vienna. In September 2014 he became the new Austrian Trade Commissioner for the US based in New York. In his spare time Michael loves to cook, run, and read books on architecture.

What You Will Learn

  • How our journey on the move affects us as a couple and as individuals
  • What the entrepreneurial journey looks like from Michael’s perspective
  • What our key insights are to keep growing as a Tandem couple

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