TN191: The simple way to know if your clients will buy before you sell

Too many people rush into creating their offers, trying to promote it, spending a lot of time, energy, and sometimes even money trying to attract clients. And then, crickets….

Well, there is a way to avoid this and there is a way to even do better. In fact, even if you are already doing well at selling, you could be attracting even more clients if you did this consistently.

“There is so much power in listening and asking the right questions.”

In this episode I will show the simplest and most time effective way to know if your clients will buy from you before you even start selling.

This method will also be a gold mine of information for you to perfect your marketing strategy and your offer.

What You Will Learn

  • How to know if you clients will buy from you before you even sell
  • What type of information you need and how to get it
  • What you can do in the next 7 days to make it happen

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