TN186: Using your experience and passion to find your business idea – With Nyna Pais Caputi

So many expat partners bring a wealth of expertise and experience in terms of their professional skills, education, expertise, and experience to their globally mobile lives. However, when it comes to starting a successful portable business, this can lead to some big challenges.

When you have a wide range of expertise and experience, it can be hard to focus on developing just one successful business. Knowing how to make the right choice for you is so important, not just to your business but to your own wellbeing.

“Trust yourself, be authentic and things will happen for you.”

Nyna Caputi went from biotechnologist to filmmaker and activist before finding the business idea that she truly feels passionate about. Discover how she started The Expat Woman, a platform that has more than 13,000 subscribers and has hosted over 300 events worldwide.

Nyna shares her professional and personal journey and what her tips are for finding the right idea, starting a business and keeping it going, even in the face of apparent setbacks.

What You Will Learn

  • How the idea of The Expat Woman platform and community was born
  • How to start a business without becoming the face of the business
  • How to deal with challenges along the way and find the strength to continue

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