TN182: How to find the confidence to speak up for yourself and feel empowered – With Ellen Wagner

Building confidence with your identity and feeling that you belong when you are living on the move can be incredibly challenging. It can be even harder to cope with if you feel discriminated against.

In this episode, bilingual expat and diversity coach, Ellen Wagner shares her steps to gaining confidence in your identity, especially when you feel marginalized or are in a minority. She also explains how feeling empowered and owning who you are can help you succeed personally and professionally, as well as how doing this work can help you be ready to speak up when you experience discrimination.

“It all starts with embracing your identity and getting comfortable with being different.”

Ellen Wagner runs Cross-Cultural Bridges. She helps expats grow on their (life) journey, keeping their orientation and overcoming their inner barriers. Ellen also helps individuals from minority backgrounds gain confidence and feel empowered to share their voice and be visible.

With African-American roots and growing up in Germany, she now lives with her wife and daughter in Princeton, New Jersey, USA where she moved and changed her career to support her wife.

Prior to becoming a coach, Ellen built her career in hotel management and tourism where she gained her experience in conflict and negotiation management.

What You Will Learn

  • What the 5 steps are that will allow you to feel confident about being different and feel more empowered
  • How to find a tribe where you can belong and be yourself
  • How to communicate your discomfort and speak up when you feel discriminated against

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