TN181: 5 reasons why turbulent times are the perfect time to find your business idea

Have you been contemplating for some time finding a busines idea to create your own source of revenue and fulfillment?

And are you now having cold feet because of the economic challenges caused by the pandemic?

“Don’t lose this huge opportunity to find a great business idea by looking at this crisis the wrong way!”

Guess what? Instead of abandoning the idea, this is the perfect time for you to search and test the right business idea for you!

In this episode, I will tell you why and give you some inspiration from other businesses that started right in the middle of a crisis.

What You Will Learn

  • What makes a crisis the perfect time to find the right business idea for you
  • How you can find these opportunities in turbulent times
  • Why you need to look for your business idea now even if the market is not ready for it

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