TN180: How to grow your audience and engagement on Instagram – With Carol Malasig

Instagram can be a great tool to get exposure for your business, build your audience and engage with your tribe.

However, navigating the tool can be a little tricky and knowing how to attract followers can be a challenge.

“Your social media becomes powerful when you start making genuine connections”

Carolyn Malasig is half Danish and half Filipino. She grew up in The Philippines where she was an international relations TV reporter before she met her husband and became a diplomat’s wife.

Due to the conflict of interest and the nature of her husband’s job, Carol shifted her area of focus to multimedia and turned to freelance journalism. She also launched a blog called Almost Diplomatic where she writes about how one can live a good life without breaking the bank. This is also where she shares her travels and her daily adventures as a lifestyle journalist and a diplomat’s wife.

Carol is a savvy user of video content and is very active on Instagram where she had over 11,000 followers at the time of this recording.

What You Will Learn

  • What practical tips you can implement to build your following
  • What the key foundations of creating high engagement are
  • How Instagram can benefit your business, even if you do not have one yet

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