TN177: What type of learner and entrepreneur are you?

Do you feel like being an entrepreneur is an endless learning curve? Do you often feel like you are just not making any progress towards achieving your goals?

Understanding what type of entrepreneur and learner you are can help you feel less overwhelmed, find more balance, and take big steps forward in your business.

“Find the balance between being strategic and leaving space for spontaneity”

In this week’s episode, I explain some different approaches to entrepreneurship and learning, and the advantages and challenges of each type. I am also sharing how being aware of these can make a huge difference to your business, helping you to adapt and to overcome perfectionism and procrastination, two huge barriers to success!

What You Will Learn

  • What type of entrepreneur and learner you are
  • The advantages and challenges of your type
  • How to use this awareness to adapt, change your mindset and take action

Resources And Inspiration:

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