TN174: The art of selling your art – With Cath Brew

Developing a sustainable, successful portable business as an artist brings some unique challenges. While many solopreneurs start with identifying a need and providing a solution, an artist’s business begins with a focus on themselves and their own self-expression. And for many people, art is a luxury, rather than an essential need.

Despite these challenges, it is possible to build a successful online and portable business as an artist, and by using the same approaches to marketing as more traditional businesses!

“As hard as it is to put myself out there consistently, I keep doing it because it simply brings results. “

In this episode, artist Cath Brew explains how she found clarity of purpose and started her business, Drawn to a Story. As an illustrator and author, Cath brings to life what people feel but can’t find the words to express. With a focus on Identity, Belonging and Expat Life, her work navigates around redressing the imbalance that ‘otherness’ creates.

Cath is the author of the book,’ Living Elsewhere’, where she illustrates in impactful images and short stories the highs and lows of life abroad.

Cath shares how thinking strategically about her purpose as an artist, being consistent in her marketing and listening to her clients has helped her grow her business, and how she has addressed the unique challenges facing artists in business.

What You Will Learn

  • What makes art a different type of business
  • How to get more confident and comfortable with promoting your art and business
  • What consistent marketing strategies work for artists

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