TN171: How to get clarity on your business idea and bring it to reality

Maybe you have an idea for a portable business, but you do not know how or where to start to make it happen? Or perhaps you have lots of ideas, but you do not know which one to really pursue?

You need to first start with getting clarity about what you are trying to achieve, and whether it is aligned to your life! It is so easy to rush into marketing plans for what seems to be a great idea without taking the time to work through the essential first steps to success.

“A problem well defined is a problem half solved”

In this week’s episode, I am sharing the big questions you need to ask yourself to find clarity on your business idea and to work out whether or not it is truly viable and profitable for you. Find out whether your business idea falls within your ‘zone of genius’ and why skipping these important initial steps can be so tempting, but such a mistake!

What You Will Learn

  • Where confusion usually comes from
  • What the three steps to getting clarity are
  • What the key mindset to getting unstuck is

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