TN170: From journalist to media owner and community builder – With Emmanuel Saint-Martin

I am excited to bring to you the inspiring story of an expat partner who only managed to continue his career in journalism while moving aboard for his wife’s job opportunity, but also started an impressive entrepreneurial journey.

After trying various different business ideas, Emmanuel Saint-Martin found a problem and a niche that he truly wanted to serve and grow.

“It is important to have clear goals but stay open to new opportunities”

Emmanuel Saint-Martin is an author, French journalist, New York correspondent for the news channel France 24 and founder of the first medium for French expats in the US. In 2007, shortly after he moved to New York for his wife’s career opportunity at the United Nations headquarters, Emmanuel founded French Morning, a web-magazine for the French American community. Since then French Morning magazine has become French Morning Media Group with several brands under its belt and 6 magazine editions in the US (New York, Washington DC, Miami, Texas, Los Angeles), one edition in London (UK), in Montreal (Canada) and more soon to come!

French Morning has passed the 6 million unique visitors, attracting over 500, 000 readers per month, of which 65% are return visitors.

In this episode, Emmanuel will share with you how he managed to grow this media group and the engaged community behind it.

What You Will Learn

  • How this major media group got started
  • What challenges needed to be addressed along the way
  • What helped grow this great audience and community

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