TN169: I wish I knew about this in the early stages of my business

If you are starting your business, or trying to grow it, there are some things that can really hold you back. And if you don’t address them, they can stop your business from ever succeeding.

This week I am taking you behind the scenes at Tandem Nomads and sharing how some of these things nearly stopped it from ever becoming a business. It is never easy to admit our mistakes, but I am going to tell you three things that I wish I had done very differently!

“To succeed in business, you need to be hungry”

I’m sharing these because I want you to avoid making the same errors – I talk to so many people who are still experiencing the challenges that I faced when I was starting out almost five years ago.

I will explain what I did to overcome the challenges I faced and address the limiting beliefs that were holding me and Tandem Nomads back from success.

What You Will Learn

  • What the 3 classic mistakes that you can avoid are
  • What the limiting beliefs behind them are
  • What can be done to overcome those beliefs

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