TN167: Create a recession-proof business – Part 3: Super Serve

In challenging times, showing up for your clients is even more critical than usual. It is not the time to go ‘missing in action’. Even if you cannot do business with them, your relationship with them is still crucial to your business. In fact, when times are tough, you need to really step up how you support and care for your community – you need to super serve to maintain and build your business!

In this final episode of this three-part series on recession-proofing your business, we are focusing on the questions you need to ask to figure out the best way to show up for your clients, and how you can super-serve in effective ways to generate leads to grow your business too.

“Know the difference between super-serving your clients vs selling yourself short!”

In this episode, you will learn how to determine how you can show up not just for your clients but also your community, and how to offer them value and support, without giving away your products/services. You will also learn how to secure leads for new business through super-serving!

If you missed the first two episodes, then be sure to check out the links in the Resources section.

What You Will Learn

  • What critical questions you need to answer to know how you can show up for your clients
  • What you can do to serve your community even if you can’t do business with them right now
  • How you can super-serve while attracting new clients

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