TN164: How listening & pivoting can lead you to a 7 figure portable business – With Erica McMannes

If you want to dream big and think you can’t do it because you have a portable business that is difficult to scale, or because you do not have what it takes to grow, or because you are a stay at home mom and can’t see how you can make it while living on the move, you need to hear this story!

“We actively listened to make the decisions that led us to our growth”

Erica McMannes started out her career path in 2003 working for the American Army in various Director and leadership positions. Erica is also a military spouse and after multiple moves in the country and abroad, 2 kids, and limited traditional job opportunities, she had to get creative with a way to find fulfillment and income that meshed well with the unpredictable military lifestyle.

Her entrepreneurial spirit started when she joined a veteran owned start up as a consultant and managed to find the flexibility she was looking for. In 2016 Erica co-founded her own startup, called Hire Mad Skills, a company that sources virtual work opportunities for military spouses to clients ready to outsource.

In 2017, she shared with us how she started her company and started generating real revenue.

However, in 2018, she and her partner decided to make major changes in her business model and even the name of her business that is now called Instant Teams.

In this episode, two years later, Erica will share with you why she and her partner made these changes and how they built thisseven figureportable business.

What You Will Learn

  • What triggered the decision to pivot the strategic direction and how this big change was managed
  • How Erica and her partners grew this seven-figure portable business
  • What are the learning lessons to succeed even if you have a small business

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